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Philadelphia And Oscar Mayer Team Up To Create Spreadable Bacon, Ensure You Never Face A Pork-Less Breakfast Again

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Philadelphia and Oscar Mayer Team Up To Create Spreadable Bacon  Ensure You Never Face A Pork Less Breakfast Again Philadelphia Bacon Cream Cheese jpgHere’s some news that would make Ron Swanson and Charlie Kelly (and the rest of the Always Sunny crew) very, very happy: The bacon craze has finally made it to Philadelphia. And it has arrived in the form of cream cheese!

With Kraft Foods Group spearheading the initiative, they’ve fused their Philadelphia and Oscar Mayer brands into one product, rolling out a new variety of cream cheese flavored with pork. Nom.

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Not so fast, though—apparently, inserting bacon into cream cheese isn’t as easy at it sounds. And it doesn’t sound that easy. The product, which contains bits of bacon, took roughly 18 months to develop.

According to senior director of Kraft for Philadelphia, Chris Hjorth, bacon is a hard flavor to get just right. The brand wanted to make sure the bacon was apparent enough, while still being balanced with the cream cheese. This is the stuff that keeps food scientists up at night.

The new flavor simultaneously focuses on America’s bacon fixation (which is, well, pretty standard) while continuing Kraft’s recent push to explore new and different flavors. Exotic Philadelphia cream cheese flavors include strawberry, chipotle, and even salmon (of which, I think bacon is the definite winner). Flavors now account for between 20 and 30 percent of the brand’s total sales, and is helping to drive growth.

Hjorth believes, “Putting together Philadelphia and bacon was a perfect match.”

The launch is an addition to Kraft’s update of their 134-year-old Philadelphia brand, which includes more varieties, packaging changes and farm-laden marketing. The newest campaign, “The Philadelphia Standard,” which debuted last year, shows the product moving from “Farm to fridge in six days.”

Unfortunately, the new bacon flavor won’t move to our fridges in six days, because the bacon line won’t get marketing support until next year.

Try not to salivate ‘til then.

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