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I signed up for Catalog Choice a few years ago as a way to reduce unwanted catalogs in my mailbox, and I noticed a decline in catalogs since then. Hint: Another way to do that is to refuse to give out your phone number when you make purchases.

Catalog Choice is still helping people reduce their unwanted catalogs, but they want you to help them spread the word even more. They've developed a poster you can download (shown below) to place at your favorite coffee shop, library, gym, or your office break room. The poster will hopefully inspire others to take action against unwanted catalogs that clog our mailboxes and waste trees and other resources.

You can get a free account at Catalog Choice which enables you to opt out of many catalogs at one handy website. It's ideal for busy people bothered by an onslaught of catalogs. It can take up to 12 weeks for companies actively participating with Catalog Choice to honor your request. If you want to see results soon, it's time to sign up.

If you'd like to cut down on mailed catalogs without feeling left out on sales, try iCatalogs by Catalog Choice.

Have you tried Catalog Choice?

(Poster image via Catalog Choice blog)