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Food Safety Watch: Kellogg’s Recalls Special K With Red Berries…Because It Might Contain Glass

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special k recallEurope's latest horse meat controversy has been putting food safety issues in the spotlight, but if eating burgers contaminated with random animals (and animal meds) doesn't freak you out, Kellogg's has another one for us: They're recalling boxes of Special K because they might contain shards of glass. And it's kind of hard to overlook the problems with eating a bowl of sharp, inedible objects.

The company's website is pretty mum on how glass ended up in their cereal (“We have initiated a voluntary recall of three sizes of Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries cereal packages due to the possible presence of glass fragments,” is all their announcement says.) But they did provide details about which boxes pose a threat. If you happen to be a fan of Special K with Red Berries, review their list:

11.2-ounce package
– UPC Code 38000 59923
– Better if Used Before: DEC 02 2013 KNC 105 00:13 through DEC 02 2013 KNC 105 02:30


22.4-ounce twin pack
– UPC Code 38000 78356
– Better if Used Before:
– NOV 30 2013 KNA 105 07:00 to NOV 30 2013 KNA 105 08:51
– NOV 30 2013 KNB 105 15:00 to NOV 30 KNB 105 17:05


37-ounce package
– UPC Code 38000 20940
– Better if Used Before: NOV 30 2013 KNB 107 17:31 to NOV 30 2013 KNB 107 20:05

The company didn't explain why shards of glass would have ended up in boxes of cereal, but it's not the only place that broken glass is threatening food safety: Just a few days ago, Lean Cuisine recalled its frozen dinners because of the same thing.

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