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Now You Can Celebrate National Doughnut Day With Deep Fried, Sugar-Coated SPAM

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spam doughnuts

Wednesday was National Running Day, so we put the spotlight on five women who use Instagram to encourage other runners to get off the couch and achieve their goals. Today, we'd like to honor someone else who's using social media to accomplish great things and inspire the masses. His name is John Clarkson, and in honor of National Doughnut Day (which is, of course, today), he's spreading the gospel of his unique culinary creation. They're deep fried SPAM doughnuts. And they're exactly what they sound like.

This masterpiece is now a part of the menu at Clarkson's fish and chip shop in Lancashire, England, so if you're ever in the UK, you'll know at least one restaurant to avoid at all costs.  However, in case you feel compelled to create your own version at home– which you're welcome to do, since National Doughnut Day is a judgment-free zone– Metro has printed step-by-step instructions. All you need is a doughnut of your choosing (Clarkson uses glazed), a can of mutant meat, some Bisquick, and a complete lack of control over your life. Then, according to Metro,

You have to cut the doughnut in half, cut out a suitably sized circle of Spam, and place it between the two doughnut halves. And then, because this is a chippy recipe, you dunk the whole thing in batter and deep fry it.

What could go wrong? With all the other ridiculous recipes available on the internet, this one actually seems pretty reasonable. Besides, the human body is capable of digesting plenty of things that are barely food, so National Doughnut Day seems like the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. (Or you could, like, eat a normal dessert that doesn't contain pork shoulder and potato starch. Either way. Your choice.)

H/T Jezebel // Photo: Cavendish Press, via Daily Mail