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Omega-3 Extractions Will Keep Big, Bad GMOs Out Of Your Diet

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shutterstock_194159777If you’re paying attention to what you eat, then you probably already know that avoiding GMO foods is harder than ever. GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are a real threat to you and your family with every bite you take.

Even if you make conscious health decisions to avoid GMOs, most supplements are now riddled with genetically modified organisms. Popular supplements, like omega-3s essential to brain and body health, could be contaminated. Besides carefully reading ingredient labels to avoid GMO foods, you must also choose supplements wisely to protect your health.

Fortunately, new omega-3 extraction processes have been developed, derived from plant-based substrates to eliminate harmful GMO contaminants and improve supplement efficacy. Omega-3 supplements are vital to health and longevity; omega-3s may offer relief for arthritis, bipolar disorder, depression, asthma, ADHD, and autism, in some cases. Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA are considered essential fatty acids since they are not produced by the body. Powerful, protective omega-3s must come from food or supplements in order to lower cholesterol, balance blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack, calm joint pain, and even lessen wrinkles.

This brings us back to the problem at hand. Taking a GMO omega-3 supplement or eating omega-3-rich GMO foods is essentially shooting yourself in the foot. A genetically modified organism has had its DNA modified through the process of genetic engineering. Scientists have been working hard to advance GMO development for agricultural crops. Tomatoes have been engineered frost-resistant to improve profit; up to 90% of cotton, canola, soy, corn, and sugar beet crops in the U.S. are genetically engineered.

So, GMO foods and supplements are commonplace. What does this have to do with your health? According to author Jeffrey M. Smith of Seeds of Deception, the answer, in a nutshell, is everything:

Genetic engineers continually encounter unintended side effects—plants create toxins, react to weather differently, contain too much or too little nutrients, become diseased or malfunction and die.

In 1989, first dozens, then thousands fell sick. About one hundred people died, others struggled with paralysis, unbearable pain, and debilitating symptoms. Authorities eventually tracked its cause: contaminants produced in one company's genetically modified variety of the food supplement L-tryptophan.

It’s frightening to think that a small genetic modification in a food supplement like L-tryptophan could cause a public health epidemic. It’s even more frightening to think that you or someone you love could suffer from irreversible health issues or even death because of the food that you eat.

According to Source-Omega, LLC, which grew out of the scientific research of lipid biochemist Dr. Doughman, omega-3 processing makes all the difference in avoiding GMO contamination:

If you cold press seeds,you get pure oil. If you water extract algae that makes omega 3, you get pure oil. That’s what it really comes down to. No one else is doing that. PureOne is 100% algae oil. The reason our product is so refined, concentrated and mild, is because of our refinement process. It’s just water, so because oil floats when mixed with water, we're able to extract the oil straight from the algae. This is guaranteeing that it is ultra-pure and ultra-concentrated.

We can ensure our product is GMO free because we have done a PCR-DNA analysis, so we know how to innovate and guarantee purity of the product and its sourcing. So that gives people comfort that it is the best they can get, the highest quality, and free of anything but what you want, which is a pure vegetable oil. It’s the first time this has been available because people have used other processes and chemicals to extract the oil. Then, that has to be later extracted. We don’t have any of that. It is just natural food oil because our oil is extracted using water.”

Source-Omega, LLC, emphasizes the importance of GMO-free processing when selecting an omega-3 supplement. Because of its myriad benefits, the omega-3 supplement industry is booming. Yet, as Source-Omega, LLC, points out, few suppliers take the time to review GMO research and invest in a processing method that ensures non-GMO supplement formulation.

As a consumer, the answer lies in your hands. Nutra-Ingredients confirms that while the non-GMO food and supplement sector is growing, not all manufacturers are ready to comply. In order to set this precedent for both food and supplements, customers must petition for transparency in every product they buy. This principle applies to food, as well as your supplement of choice. When purchasing an omega-3 supplement for your health, make it your top priority to keep GMOs out. Demand a supplement supplier that meets this standard.

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