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If You Want An Excuse To Avoid The Gym, SoulCycle Could Be Hurting Your Hoo-Ha

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In case your New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym has been failing, hard, here’s some news that may save you from crying in your Pilates class (again): Exercise may be hurting your hoo-ha.

And by hoo-ha, yes, I mean vagina.

While exercise is great for increased energy, core strength, and of course, looking better naked (and subsequently, your sex life), going HAM during SoulCycle class could negatively affect your ability to get pregnant—though it depends on a slew of other factors, and only applies to the short-term (phew).

As a marathoner and avid fitness enthusiast, this news doesn’t bum me out so much because getting pregnant is on the list of things I’m definitely, certainly, surely, positively, ABSOLUTELY sure I am not ready for. (I’m still working on figuring out how to not snooze through my alarm every morning.)

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But if you’d like to avoid having to resort to depending on the Fertility Vase of the Ndebele Tribe, here’s what you need to know about the relationship between the gym and your vagina.

Consistent, hardcore exercise, like cycling or running four to five hours per week, can lower your chances of getting knocked up if you’re at a healthy body weight, according to David Reichman, MD and Well and Good, (however, the opposite is true for those who are overweight). According to Reichman, when you amp up the intensity on your workout consistently, the efforts of the corpus luteum (what’s left of the folic after a women ovulates) are disrupted. (The corpus luteum produces progesterone, a hormone vital for supporting pregnancy, BTW.)

In a study of competitive female athletes, women who did five hours of vigorous exercise, like running and speedy cycling, as opposed to ‘moderate’ exercise like power walking, had a decreased likelihood of getting pregnant.

The good news is, the effects of high-intensity workouts are short term. Going to SoulCycle twice a day will only affect your fertility temporarily as you continue to

“If someone wants to be SoulCycle junkie and go twice a day, it will only affect their fertility temporarily in those months,” Dr. Reichman says. So just cut down on your two-a-days sessions at Barry’s Bootcamp and opt for some deep breathing and yoga instead.

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