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Proof That SoulCycle Is A Paranoid Cult That Banishes Outsiders

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soul cycle cultOooh, get your healthy popcorn ready, there is some drama afoot in the fitness community.

In case we didn't another reason to believe SoulCycle is actually a cult, they're now allegedly shunning outsiders! Here are the details:

  • Barry's Bootcamp owner Joey Gonzelez announced on facebook that one of SoulCycle's lawyers told him he was “never allowed to take [a] class there again.”
  • Gonzelez claims his banishment from SoulCycle classes is due to his position working in “boutique fitness” and is part of the competition.
  • Other non-SoulCycle instructors soon began reporting similar experiences at SoulCycle and other gym chains.

Why would SoulCycle want to prevent their assumed “rivals” from participating in their apparently life changing spinning sessions? Assuming Gonzelez and others paid for the classes, the New York based spin-gym should want the money and support. Doesn't it look good that even people who work for those other fitness studios want to partake in their classes? From my perspective, it would, but I don't run a business or a religious cult. Does SoulCycle they think that others in the fitness industry are sending in spies to steal their secret formula? Apparently, yes.

Well + Good and Refinery 29 note that SoulCycle and the other secretive chains like Equinox fear that other studios will “steal trade secrets or poach employees.” I suppose those are legitimate fears, in a paranoid and insecure cultish sort of way. I understand that SoulCycle is trying to make money and maintain their cache by protecting their secrets, but separating outsiders is a hallmark cult move.

Excluding non-SoulCycle instructors from their classes is pretty sketchy and totally negates their whole candlelit-spiritual-lovin' brand. You'd think SoulCycle, with their rooms jam-packed with eager spinners, would have a “the more the merrier” kind of attitude, but I guess not. Apparently, they're more like Scientologists than Unitarian Universalists.

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