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So, It Turns Out Brazil Can Make Worse Gym Ads Than Equinox

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Between ad campaigns shot by Terry Richardson and their “sexy” yoga video that pissed off yogis the world over, we thought Equinox had a monopoly on tacky, sexist gym ads. But it appears that Brazil's Vila Olimpica has broken into the market, one weird, sexist, creepy ad at a time. Well played, Brazil. Well played.

The ads, whose slogan is ironically “Be Independent,” feature fit-looking women with men reaching around them from behind (yep, it looks as sexual as it sounds), performing tasks like opening a jar of olives or uncorking a bottle of wine. We have a lot of questions about these ads—the most important being, obviously: Since when do you need huge muscles to open a bottle of wine? Does this mean it's no longer possible for women to drink alone?

But, at least they're not comparing boot camps to Auschwitz.