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6 Major Ways Snapchat Is Destroying Your Happiness (And How To Make It Stop)

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Ah, Snapchat. It's the perfect place to send flirty messages, brag about what you're doing and send triple chin selfies to your BFF. It's also a place that can be seriously bad for you. Snapchat is destroying your happiness without you even realizing it. Whether you're totally oversharing or it's impacting your mental health, Snapchat can add some major negative vibes to your life. Have no fear, it's not too late. You can take back some of your happy vibes without even deleting the app.

1. It’s a Huge Source of FOMO and Jealousy.

Tell me you’ve never looked at a Snapchat story and automatically felt like you were missing out on something. Or maybe you’ve looked at someone’s story and got super jealous of they were doing. Here’s a simple truth: You look at other people’s Snapchat stories when you’re the most bored and when you’re usually doing nothing. People post Snapchat stories only if and when they’re doing something. When you're in a funk and you watch other people's highlight reels you're making yourself super vulnerable to jealousy and even sadness.

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