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Snail Slime: The Gross New Acne Treatment

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Snail slime: it's not just for the sidewalk. In fact, this gross stuff is becoming popular as an ingredient in beauty creams.  Snail slime skin treatments have been used in Korea and Africa for a few years, but they're just now coming stateside. Apparently, the slimy stuff that snails excrete is good for acne, scars, wrinkles, pigmentation and overall healing and regeneration.

Snails have been used for beauty treatments for centuries, but their use recently came back into fashion when Chilean snail farmers noticed how quickly their skin healed after handling snails.  Several beauty brands now make products containing the slime, including Missha and Dr. Jart. Dermatologists seem to be divided on the use of snails, though. Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas said,

“The extract is renowned for its regenerative properties, and facilitates the restoration of damaged tissue and replenishes moisture in skin. It is also effective in treating acne and scarring.”

But Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, the co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, isn't so sure: ‘There is some speculation that the mucin in these slime creams can be anti-inflammatory and calming; however, there are no respected scientific studies to prove that it actually works. For now, I remain skeptical.”

As for me, I'm wondering how, exactly, is the slime is harvested from the snails?  I hope snails aren't being harmed in the name of expensive beauty creams.

Would you try it? I think I would, as long as I knew the snails were safe during slime removal!

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