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Katie Holmes Is Using Anti Aging Snail Cream (Cue PETA Outrage)

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katie holmes snail cream

Snail cream–i.e. face cream made with snail slime–has been a popular acne treatment and anti wrinkle cream in Korea and Africa for awhile, but thanks to celebrities like Katie Holmes, it could become a new skin care fad in the U.S. soon, too. According to Look magazine, Holmes uses snail cream as an anti-aging treatment (because she's desperate to look young, according to a “friend” who spoke with the magazine). Cue PETA and the animal rights activists now.

According to Look, Holmes' friend says the 34-year-old actress started using Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates, an anti wrinkle cream that contains mucus–snail slime extract that's obtained by stimulating snails, and is supposed to help with everything from wrinkle-fighting to healing scars. According to their source:

Last year was hard for Katie. She knows she has got a lot of catching up to do in terms of her career and is trying anything she can to stay looking her best.


A friend recommended she used snail gel and she is really happy with how smooth her skin looks.

The verdict seems to be out on whether or not snail slime really makes for the best anti wrinkle cream (apparently, the trend started because snail farmers found their skin healed faster when they handled the molluscs, but there aren't any conclusive study results to prove what it can really accomplish on your face). But to be sure, animal rights activists and PETA will jump on the trend if it gets any traction in the U.S.

For now, I'm more offended by the idea that Katie Holmes has to do “anything she can” to her face in order to maintain her career–last time I checked, she already looked pretty damn good (and at 34, she's not exactly elderly).

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