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Summer Solstice: 5 Summer Smoothies For Witches

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summer cauldron

double double toil and summer fun!

Happy summer solstice, witches. It's officially summer. Grab your cauldron; let's sacrifice some innocents together…I mean make smoothies.

The summer solstice is a big day for the occult, but it's also big day for normies because it's the longest one of the year. All these hours of sunshine give us more time to do fun summer stuff like chill outside and concoct potions…well, smoothies.

To make things even spookier, there's a full moon this weekend(technically becoming full at around 7:30 am EST on June 23) and it will be the biggest looking moon of the year because it's close as all get out to the earth. Astronomers call this moon a perigree moon. I call it the “the great ovary” and have an altar to it on my fire escape.

If you and your coven didn't make it to Stonehenge to cackle at the sun and bark at the moon, fret not– you can still get raucous with hocus pocus this mysterious weekend with some witchy brews.

Click through for eerily delicious smoothie recipes, none of which require eye of newt (just kidding, they all require eye of newt):