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This University Thinks It Can Stop Kids From Smoking By Banning It, But The Real World Doesn’t Work That Way

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Ohio University Wants to Ban Smoking With DetentionAlmost every college student is familiar with having to take alcohol education classes before their freshman year. But now, Ohio University is considering instilling similar education classes for students who get caught violating the campus smoking ban.

The university in Athens plans to ban the use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes throughout the entire 1850-acre public campus during the 2015 to 2016 academic year. If students are caught lighting up on the property for any reason, they could be forced to attend a mandatory series of classes on the dangers, harms and consequences of cigarettes.

While I—and many others—applaud the officials at Ohio University for this pro, the university's goal for this initiative is to help students kick the habit. Since those alcohol education classes did not do a thing for me, or any of my friends, during college, I'm not sure these classes would have any affect on individual's mindsets whatsoever. Although education on the health risks associated with cigarettes is very important, I'm pretty sure avid smokers are already aware of them.

Ohio University isn't the first college to implement these types of anti-smoking policies. San Diego State University and every public college in Georgia have also banned the cancer-causing habit.

So while Ohio University isn't the lone ranger in this feat, I'm still not sure the method will work, it's only way to catch ‘criminals' is by a ‘good samaritan' rule.

Yep–university officials will rely on snitches and tattletales to sniff out any rule breakers!

While I'd like to think this method can get people to quit inhaling cancer into their lungs, I'm skeptical on how it will actually work. Only time will tell, but in the meantime? Don't smoke!

Would you snitch on somebody for blowing smoke?

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