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Sleepover, Aisle 3: Would You Stay At The Food Hotel?

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photo: The Telegraph

This week in Germany, the Food Hotel opened. All of the furniture looks like food, and all of the rooms are decorated in the style of a German food brand. Reuters says that it’s “the next best thing to sleeping in the supermarket aisle.” We never thought of a grocery as a place where people would want to spend the night. A mattress store, sure, or maybe even a museum, but we’ve never once wished that we could camp out in the cereal aisle. German food companies paid to decorate rooms with their brands’ products and image, and the hotel is complete with a full supermarket.

Are we the only people who don’t have dreams of dozing in a room that looks like a can of Pringles? Not to mention the fact that we’d have to pay for that experience. Would you pay to sleep in a room covered in advertisements? Let us know your take in the comments section.

via Reuters