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Sleeping Schedules And Sick Kids

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As many of you know the flu or something like it has been going around my house, it is taking turn with each family member with the recent being BalletGirl (age 9) and Little A (age 2). I’ve

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noticed that Little A tends to sleep more now, however not all the time, instead he likes to sleep in the day a lot.

Since Little A has something he is very clingy but only when he wants to be, he can get extremely moody too. How many of you have a little one like this? Now think how many of you have an adult family member like this? I’m guessing it runs in the family, but for little ones at this age they don’t understand what is wrong with them or why they feel this way so they get scared and other times they are just frustrated.

When it comes to sleep it is best that they sleep a lot because it helps quick the cold sooner. Their body is able to fight the germs a lot faster for some reason. Of course this can definitely get a baby/toddler off their normal sleeping schedule, which can also iritate mom and dad. Thankfully we can have two different schedules since my husband works during the day and I stay home. If Little A sleeps more in the day it means I’ll just take naps with him and stay up with him at night.

–  Try making sure your little one gets at least 8 hours sleep.
–  Naps are a good thing, even for a 2-year-old or adult
–  Have them drink plenty of fluids
–  Wipe things down, especially if you have school-age children.

What tips could you leave for parents going through this?

IMG: This is where I found my sick little guy most of the day.