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What Your Sleep Habits Say About You

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sleep habits say about youWe all sleep! Some of us sleep more than others, but even the biggest party animals and most drained insomniacs hit the hay sometimes. Maybe you talk in your sleep and can't pass out without a glass of warm milk–whatever your sleep style is, it probably says a lot about your personality.

Check out what your sleep habits say about you-

You get a great night's sleep every night. After your healthy routine of tending to your facial and oral hygiene, some stretching and breathing, and reading one chapter of a book, it's lights out for you. You don't know why other people are so fatigued. You've never broken a rule in your life and you've always been excellent at following directions. Good thing you sleep so much, you're kind of a snooze.

You're a napper. Even if you call your naps “siestas” like a grown up, you irritate people in your life by going off the grid and into the land of nod midday like some kind of baby or European.

You can fall asleep, but can't sleep through the night. You're as irritable as you are knowledgable about breaking news from other time zones. Before the internet, you had almost every annoying infomercial memorized.

You struggle to fall asleep, but once you do, you can sleep forever. Any opportunity you have to flake on morning to mid afternoon plans, appointments and obligations, you take to catch some more zzzzs.

You're a serious insomniac. You've probably been trying to solve this problem forever. You can't think straight, you feel weird and you just need some rest. It's nobody else's fault that you can't sleep, so try to not take your exhaustion out on anyone.

You seep like the dead. A parade could be going on right around you and you wouldn't even roll over. You need a hard core alarm clock to make sure can wake up in the morning. Your partner is envious of your deep sleeps.

You're the lightest sleeper ever. If a butterfly flaps its wings close enough to your sleeping head, your eyes will immediately open. Any little thing will snap you awake. Sharing a bed is difficult for you, but you're no peach to share a bed with since you act like your sleep is as delicate as the princess and the pea's skin.

You have a sleep disorder. Maybe you're a sleepwalker, sleep-talker, have sleep paralysis or struggle with some other parasomnia. No matter what it is, people think you're a weirdo. Any sleep partner or person who has dealt with your weird sleep behaviors acts as though it's worse for them than it is for you. But, who cares? Normal sleepers will never understand your uniqueness.

You co-sleep with your laptop. You're a victim of this modern world. You can't sleep without Netflix buzzing near you like an LCD lullaby. Chances are, you are constantly looking at your cell phone and are up to date on everything on the internet. Perhaps you should unplug your electronics just once in a while just to see what happens.

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