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Sleep Deprivation: Americans More Tired Than Europeans

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Great. Now Europeans have another reason to feel superior to us. Americans are fatter, smoke more toxic cigarettes, and now, more tired. A new study shows that excessive tiredness is more common in the U.S. than in Europe – 19.5% percent of Americans surveyed reported excessive sleepiness, while only 15% of Europeans felt sleep-deprived. Also, nearly one in five Americans surveyed reported falling asleep during a meeting. Sorry, boss.

So why do Europeans get more sleep than we do? While we figure out what they know that we don’t, we want to know if you’ve ever fallen asleep during a meeting or important event. Are Blisstree readers more alert than the rest of the population? Take our poll. And share your funniest falling-asleep-on-the-job stories in the comments section, below.