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10 Recipes You Can Make With Just 3 Ingredients

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sour cream on toast

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We all lead busy lives, and sometimes it's tempting to let Seamless handle your nutritional needs. And by sometimes I mean every night. But if you're sick of paying the delivery guy who's always late anyway, then try these simple 3-ingredient recipes that anyone can whip up in a pinch.

1. Chicken Caprese Salad

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Salads don't have to be a pain to make, and this recipe is proof. Grilled chicken, mozzarella balls, and cherry tomatoes are all you need for this protein-filled Italian insalata.

2. Goat Cheese Empanadas

fried empanadas

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Everyone loves an empanada, and this recipe makes it nice and simple. Just cut out some circles out of frozen pie crust, then fill, fold, and bake! (Or fry, if you're feeling wily)

3. Paleo Pancakes

panckes with bananas(Image: MSPhotographic/Shutterstock)

Breakfast can be a pain if you're dairy-free or gluten-free, but these pancakes solve both problems with one delicious recipe. Bananas, eggs, and coconut flour make naturally sweet pancakes you don't even need to add syrup to.

4. Pork With Sage And Apples

pork with sage and apples(Image: RJ Grant/Shutterstock)

These ingredients may be from totally different food groups, but together they make an easy and flavorfully balanced meal for the gal or guy on the go.

5. Crockpot Turkey

turkey cranberry sauce

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It turns out there are tons of three-ingredient recipes for crockpots, so it might be worth it to invest in one. This recipe just needs turkey breast, cranberry (or your fruit of choice) sauce, and dry onion soup mix. It's like Thanksgiving in a pot.

6. Hummus Crostini

hummus olives crostini(Image: MSPhotographic/Shutterstock)

Whether you're hosting a party or want a refreshing midday snack, this hummus crostini recipe just needs bread, hummus, and olives.

7. Korean Fried Chicken Wings

korean chicken wings(Image: richardernestyap/Shutterstock)

Great news! The sauce for these wings is made of stuff you probably already have in your house: soy sauce and sugar. You have no excuse not to try this one.

8. Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed With Bleu Cheese

bacon wrapped dates

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I've been meaning to make these forever. Such a sweet and salty combination of flavors, and in only three ingredients? Now that's flavor economizing.

9. Peanut Butter Cookies
peanut butter cookies                                                       (Image: Oprah)
This one blew my mind. Peanut butter, sugar, and egg are all you need to make cookie?! This combines two of my favorite things: peanut butter and laziness.
10. Coconut Milk Braised Chicken and Spinach
chicken and spinach in bowl                                              (Image: across/Shutterstock)
It's all right there in the name. A healthy and hearty three ingredient meal, fresh out of the skillet.