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Silikids: Mixing Silicone & Glass For Kids

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Glass is super eco-friendly. You don’t have to worry with leaching of chemicals, and it’s so easy to recycle. However, you do have to worry with glass breaking in the hands of little ones.

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Silikids has come up with a solution: silicone! It’s non-toxic and BPA-free, plus extra grippy for kids. Silicone is a great protective cover for kid glasses and baby bottles, and it’s dishwasher safe. Pictured above: the new siliskin-glass. It’s an actual glass with a food-grade silicone cover. It can even be boiled to sterilize if you want, but it has no open pores that might harbor bacteria. This glass holds 6 ounces, but silikids is working on a 12 ounce glass as well.

Silikids also makes glass baby bottles with silicone covers. They’re called silibottles, available in small or large with colors: purple, grey, white and aqua. Plus, you can always opt for a siliskin universal sleeve for glass baby bottles.

Silikids  Mixing Silicone   Glass for Kids green bib silicone 237x300 jpgSilikids  Mixing Silicone   Glass for Kids blue bib 245x300 jpg

Have you ever imagined a bib you can put in the dishwasher? Silikids makes one — the silibib. They also offer knee protectors for crawlers and toddlers called silipads.

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If you want to get in on the silifun, then use this promo code good through the end of this February at silikids.com when ordering for 10% off: SILIBABY

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(All images courtesy of Silikids)