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You’d Never Guess These Prosthetic Body Parts Aren’t Real

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Sometimes I like to fantasize about what I'd want to get in place of a lost limb. A hook? Too predictable. A gatling gun, a la Barret from Final Fantasy VII? Probably illegal. In the event of a severed hand, it's at least good to know that German designers Alex Stamos and Christoph Braun exist, because they create silicone prosthetic limbs that are practically identical to the real appendages. 

Alex Stamos and Christoph Braun are the creators of Stamos and Braun Prosthesenwerk, a company that specializes in creating prosthetics tailored to each individual patient. The team treats their work as an art form, as their website says, “Here each restoration is a small work of art that fascinates in particular by the individually matched and natural shape and colour design.” And their work ethic is obvious, as you can see if you click here. You'd have to be examining that hand very closely to notice that the thumb is actually made of silicone. Or just shaking it way too hard.

According to Braun, Stamos started working with silicone 14 years ago. Though Braun joined him five years ago, he has 18 years of experience creating traditional prosthetics, and so he says, “Alex does more of the individual silicone work while I build the prosthetic under the glove.” Since the two clearly work very well together, they started their business six months ago in Dresden, Germany. And if you're wondering how long it takes to create such detailed work, it varies depending on the part. Braun states, “If we only have a little thumb we can make it in one to two days. But if we make an individual silicone cover for the whole arm or leg it will take us up to one week. And it also depends on the stump situation, sensitivity, the healing process and the wishes of the patient.”

For the team, the job is a labor of love in addition to an art, saying that, “We thought we need to make something special. We like to give a good feeling to the patients. It is bad enough that they have lost something. So if we are able to make them happy with something cool, it feels good to everybody.” Artistic geniuses with hearts of gold, and sweet arm tats? Can he make me a prosthetic finger with a ring on it? *Swoon*

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