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Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash

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Sierra MistI was at the grocery store yesterday picking up some food and was really thirsty, so I decided to grab a drink up by the register before I began shopping. I was about to pick my usual – caffeine free Diet Pepsi – when I saw a cranberry version of Sierra Mist. I began to get grumpy, thinking, “Why don't they ever make diet versions of these holiday drinks?” when I saw it – the same drink in sugar-free (Sierra Mist just calls it “free”).

It has zero calories, caffeine or sugar, and the cranberry taste is sweet, but tangy. I'd compare it loosely to the flavor in Diet Cranberry Canada Dry (ginger ale) – but slightly less sweet (to my taste buds, the Canada Dry doesn't seem very diet-y).

Now if they would only make a diet version of Pepsi Holiday Spice…(a girl can dream, can't she?)

Have you tried this holiday soda? Let me know in the comments!


(image from sierramist.com)