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Should Afghanistan Be Allowed To Imprison Women For “Moral Crimes”?

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Should Afghanistan Be Allowed to Imprison Women for  Moral Crimes  prison2 280x156 jpgWhen you think of prison inmates, you probably imagine people who’ve been accused of heinous crimes like murder, armed robbery, or embezzlement, but in Afghanistan, women are jailed for being accused of much less. At the only women’s prison in Afghanistan, at least half the women there are incarcerated under accusations of bad character, and other “moral crimes.”

Women are often falsely accused of crimes and jailed because of grudges or vendettas, or merely because their husbands are the ones who accuse them. When one woman’s husband claimed she was an adulteress, she was thrown in prison – all while she was three months pregnant with his child.

Putting their wives in jail certainly seems like an easy way for Afghan men to get out of being married and keep women at the bottom of the socioeconomic food chain. Should foreign governments intervene on behalf of these women? There’s a BBC report on that women’s prison tonight, and while we can’t watch it at the moment, you can see a clip here.

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