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Shoes and Rules About Success.

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Picture 14.pngI wanted this be a light-hearted piece about one of my favorite office observations: the difference between how men and women talk at work. You know, men say things like: Boil the frog (ask your boyfriend what that means) or Get a leg up or Sh**ts and giggles…and women say things like do me a favor? or please, or I'm sorry, or thank you.

But I became side-tracked. As I was searching on-line for some references, I came across this Newsweek review of three new high-schoolish book titles of which the focus is how undermining, sneaky and downright mean women are to each other at work. (And maybe just in general) — how we're supposed to navigate through this stuff and look great doing it! These books are really just $16.00 blogs.

Reading the article just made me want to take a big ‘ol nap.

My feeling is — if someone in HR were to calculate all of the working hours lost as a result of the time spent on this crap at work, there would be such shock and horror over the complete waste of resources, that whole employee manuals would be re-written and heads would roll.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be aware of the politics of women at work; I'm saying we wast too much energy taking it all so seriously.

Everyone get back to work!

And I'm sure glad I work for me…if I want to compete with myself, well that's between me and Dr. Phil