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Shocker: Unhealthy Woman Nearly Dies While Eating Unhealthy Food At Heart Attack Grill

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It's hard to feel sorry for anyone who eats this–the double bypass burger, while also drinking alcohol and smoking, and then collapses and nearly dies. That's exactly what happened to a woman at the aptly-named Heart Attack Grill which prides itself on serving grossly unhealthy food to well, grossly unhealthy people.

On Saturday night, the fast-food diner in Las Vegas lived up to its name once again (yes, there was a man who, ironically, had a heart attack there while eating the famous Triple Bypass Burger earlier this year).

The 40-something-year-old woman apparently lost consciousness and fell on the floor after indulging in more food, alcohol and cigarettes than her body could handle. Um, what did she think was going to happen?

No one knows if it was a heart attack or not, but paramedics took her away–hopefully for a good detox. Meanwhile, the restaurant's owner, Jon Basso, told the Los Angeles Times she had apparently gotten what she came for–a brush with death.

“We attract an avant-garde clientele — thrill-seekers, risk-takers,” he said, adding that his restaurant was “bad for you, but fun” and was popular with “people who don't really take good care of their health.”

Known for it's artery-clogging cuisine, their menu also boasts “flatliner fries,” “butterfat milkshakes” and even a “quadruple bypass burger” than can exceed 8,000 calories. The sign on the door says it all: Caution! This establishment is bad for your health.

Oh, and patrons who weigh more than 350 pounds can eat for free. And possibly end up having a heart attack.

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