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Shiny Happy Architecture Around the Web

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I'll admit it, not all of this architecture is technically shiny, but all of it makes me delightfully happy, thus I can name it how I see it.

Contemporist has the most amazing, octagon dreamy, above the trees, weird home you've seen in a while – check it out.

Treehugger unveils the hyper neat newspaper house:

newspaper house

Ah yes, it took about 150,000 papers, but the house got built. To see this recycled darling in progress visit Treehugger.

Sensory Impact has the most beautiful array of lighting systems, blown to look like bubbles. I can't believe I missed these before, they're really very unique and amazing. They're calling to me.

bubble lights

I was reading Tropolism, where I saw a link to A Daily Dose of Architecture, who has the actual image shots of Aqua – the new wavy insane Chicago structure. If you saw the renderings being passed around the web, you might think this building would come off a little funny in reality, but it's actually looking like you'd expect in your happiest dreams. Below is a rendering, but Daily Dose has the full scoop go see!


And because Daily Dose wasn't on my list of visits today, and I only saw Aqua thanks to Tropolism, you should go show them some love. Back in Feb they had the cool Dubai Autodrome, a building that looks sort of likely to walk off when you're not looking.

And that's what I'm reading today. What cool structures do you like lately?