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Sheryl Crow Finally Reacts To Lance Armstrong’s Doping Fiasco, and Keeps It Classy

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Sheryl Crow has stayed mum about her ex-fiance, Lance Armstrong, since USADA reports revealed the truth about his use of performance enhancing drugs and pretty much left his career in ruins. But she finally broke the seal of silence when an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked her what her reaction was to Lance's doping confession on Oprah last week. She kept it classy.

Crow, who dated the pro cyclist from 2003 to 2006, when he broke off their engagement (supposedly because of her “biological clock”) just two weeks before her breast cancer diagnosis, kept her answer short and sweet:

Well…I mean I think that honesty's always the best bet, and that the truth will always set you free. It's gotta be really hard to walk around knowing that you're not telling the truth about something and so, you know, I always contend that the truth is the best way to go.

Her canned answer was admittedly blase, but her restraint and respect were wise. Given their history, many have wondered how much Sheryl Crow knew about Armstrong's doping; thankfully, she hasn't been part of the scandal, and her answer shows that she doesn't intend to be, regardless of the PR it might get her.

Though her reply wasn't as salacious or incriminating as we'd hope from an ex, it proved that in this case, Crow is definitely the bigger man (not that it's particularly difficult).

Photo: Tuukka Jantti, Pacificcoastnews.com