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ShaveMate Diva6: A Travel Razor We Actually Like

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When you travel with a pack of friends, there's usually someone who brings along a some kind of beauty secret that everyone's jealous of. Last weekend, it was me. On a weekend trip to Chicago, I piled into an apartment with 3 girlfriends, and it wasn't a fancy hair dryer, shampoo, or soap that caught everyone's eye: It was my razor. No shit.

With six blades and a shaving cream dispenser built into the handle, it was fairly noticeable (or maybe it's just that it's bright pink, and has bold pink writing all over it), and it was the envy of the clan. Here's why:

The Good: ShaveMate's Diva6 has 6 blades (count 'em), and it's got shaving cream built into the handle, so you don't need a separate tube of cream or gel for shaving. When it comes to blades, I'm not really a stickler for numbers, but I have to say: This thing works. Well. It left me super smooth, without nicks (a major feat for me), and it was super easy to pack on my trip. They even let me take it in my carry-on – how many cans of shave cream do you know who've make it into the overhead compartment lately???

The Bad: They're not widely available in stores yet. You can definitely buy them online, and some drugstores carry them, but they're harder to find than your old Schick or Gilette.

The Ugly: The razors are disposable, and throwing away that much plastic on a regular basis is a far cry from eco-friendly.

The Bottom Line: The ShaveMate website is a bit like an infomercial, which might ward some people off of this shaving novelty, but this is actually a product you should get to know. The razors really are convenient, and they give a great shave; I'd just feel guilty breezing through that much disposable plastic on a regular basis.

$9.99 for a pack of 3 at Walgreens.com or Shavematetv.com