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Shakira Joins The Nude Pregnant Photo Bandwagon…But For A Good Cause

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shakira pregnantAfter seeing so many pregnant celebrities sell pictures of themselves naked to the highest bidding magazine, it's hard to suppress a knee-jerk eye-roll at the sight of Shakira‘s bare belly shot. But unlike most naked celebrities, she's doing it for a good cause (don't worry; it's not PETA): Babies and children who live in poverty.

She posted a photo of herself and fiancé Gerard Piqué–who stripped down for the cause alongside Shakira (public nudity isn't your standard family affair, but this couple gets points for equal opportunity toplessness)–on Twitter, opting to ask fans for donations, rather than selling her image to the media:

The expecting couple is working in conjunction with UNICEF to raise funds through a virtual “World Baby Shower,” where fans can purchase items like food and vaccines.

They also posted a YouTube video inviting fans to donate, explaining:

As you all know, we will soon be welcoming our first child into the world and to celebrate his birth, we've organized a virtual baby shower in association with UNICEF. In lieu of receiving gifts for our baby as with a traditional baby shower, we would like to offer support for babies who live in conditions of extreme poverty throughout the world.


Thanks to all of you, they will receive in the form of inspired gifts therapeutic food packets, vaccines, rehydration salts, which will help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies throughout the world. We'd like to thank you in advance and we're very very happy to know that we can count on your support.

Watch and tell us what you think of their idea: