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Sexy Yearbook Photos: 25% Of You Don’t Think They Should Have Been Censored

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All week, we’ve been talking about Colorado teenager Sydney Spies, whose sexy yearbook photos were rejected by the school’s yearbook committee. The school did offer her the option of purchasing ad space in the back of the yearbook for $300 where she could display her “artsy” photos, but that didn’t satisfy the 18-year-old and her mother who appeared on the Today show this week, and numerous other media outlets around the country, to complain about their censorship. Regardless of whether they end up boosting her career, they certainly caught your attention: Spies’ photos were one of the most hotly-debated issues on Blisstree this week.

Through all of this, it’s been interesting to hear from so many of our readers–many of whom were outraged and wholeheartedly disagreed with some of our points from the “other side”:

Perosn wrote:

I swear people don’t THINK enough, they just go, “OH CENSORSHIP!” How about thinking about WHY these things aren’t allowed at school.

And trollfacedotjpg added:

She doesn’t look like a whore, she looks like a scantily clad model. Does everyone who is calling her a whore think all the models in Victorias Secret, Abercrombie, etc. ads are whores? Must be some jealous people in here. I think she looks gorgeous.

That being said, it’s not an appropriate yearbook photo and I agree with the school for not allowing it. Comparing Cheer outfits to this photo is just silly. There’s nothing sexual about yelling out cheers in a robotic manner during a sports game at a high school. While this girl’s photos are pretty sexually suggestive; showing off and modeling certain parts of her body posing in a sexy way. It makes a huge difference.

And Liz wrote:

Your point about the cheerleaders and swim team still does not make any sense. They are uniforms. The school has already approved them. Now, you may not like what they look like, but that doesn’t change the fact that the school is fine with them in their particular contexts (namely, in the pool and on the football field). The school (represented by the yearbook committee) is not fine with the way she is dressed in this context, just like how they were not okay with the way the male student was dressed a few years earlier. They are not approving her outfit. Where is it written that if a school approves of one outfit, they have to approve of them all? That’s ludicrous, basically false equivalence. And equating this with swimmers leaving practice in their bathing suits? Come on, even you don’t believe that, do you?

Valid points everyone. But hey, what’s a healthy debate without looking at things from all sides, right?

To find out more on what our readers thought, we launched an exclusive poll. We asked: Should the teen’s sexy yearbook photo have been rejected?

Here’s what you had to say:

59.8% — Absolutely. She looks more like a Playboy model than a high school student.

15.6% — Maybe. But the school needs to set some consistent dress code rules first.

24.6% — No. As long as the photos are “clean”, she has a right to self-expression. Good for her for standing up for herself!

Even though the majority of you were opposed to the sexy photos, nearly one-quarter were in support of Spies and her right to self-expression here, which is interesting considering the fact that most of the comments were against her.

Thanks for all your comments. Keep them coming, Blisstree readers!

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