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11 Sexy Santa Claus Costumes For Naughty Christmas Role-Play

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bad santaKris Kringle is definitely a sex symbol, so if you're into role-play the way he's into voyeurism, try on Santa's hat for a night.

There are so many sexy Santa Claus costumes on the market. Seriously, an Amazon search for sexy santa yields 3,544 results, pages and pages of little Santa dresses, Christmasy lingerie, stripy stockings, everything you'd ever need to play North Pole fantasy games. I'm just bummed out that none of the slutty Saint Nicholas outfits come with beards! Santa's beard is sexy and pretty essential for the whole look. My problem isn't the bare bods, but the bare faces. If you're going to sexualize the most beloved voyeur of all, at least make your costume accurate.

Here are 10 Sexy Santa costumes that will surely get you sleighed (not sorry)…

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