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Dress Like A Sexy Pilgrim This Thanksgiving

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Raunchy costumes aren't just a Halloween thing anymore! Wearing one of these hot get-ups may be just what you need to take your erotic Thanksgiving sex up a notch. I mean, who isn't turned on by Mayflower Pilgrims? Harsh winter, sex laws, disease, murder, religious nuttiness, wool…what's hotter? You and your partner can choose hot new identities from this list and get really deep into erotic historical role play.

Pilgrims Pleasure Sexy Pilgrim Lady Costume– That's the actual name of the costume. It looks like a french maid costume with a buckle belt. $40.70 at the Nightmare Factory. 



Pilgrim Fantasy- This costume is so authentic, you'd probably impress hardcore Plymouth Colony reenactors.   $96.95 at 3Wishes


Prudence Naught Pilgrim-That saucy slit says “come roast my yams.” $29.99 at Hollywood Toys & Costumes

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There are man-pilgrim costumes, so no one's left out of the fun. They're just as revealing and objectifying as the women's costumes…

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