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10 Sexy Halloween Costumes Inspired By Medicine

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First things first, I have no problem with slutty Halloween costumes. If you want to dress slutty on Halloween, dress slutty. You can be whatever slut you want to be on Halloween: slutty Elmo, slutty senator, slutty pilot, your options are limitless. The sky is the limit. Dream big.

If you want to look like a slutty medical professional (is there any other kind?) this Halloween, look no further. I've aggregated some of the sexiest costumes you can wear to a party or to your job at the sex hospital.

Sexy Nurse:

1) Ravishing RN Costume–it's important to expose a lot of skin in a medical setting…for safety reasons. $39.99 at Party City-

sexy nurse

2) Ophelia Payne–a compassionate name pun, $27.99 at Party City:

ophelia payne nurse

3) Nip Tuck Nurse–bodysuits are preferable to constricting scrubs. $49.99 at Party City:

sexy nurse

4) Cut Out Nurse–she has a stethoscope. $49.99 at Party City:

sexy nurse

Remember, nurses are on their feet all day, so you need comfy shoes for an accurate costume. Try these White Peep Toe Platforms for $27.99 at Party City:

sexy nurse shoes


If you're more of a Candy Striper than a nurse, dress to volunteer:

5) Babydoll Candy Striper, $19.99 at Halloween Mart:

candy striper

6) Candy Striper, $34.99 at Costume Hub:

baby candy striper

7) Sexy Candy Striper, $34.99 at Find Costume:

red candy striperIf you're really ambitious, be a sexy doctor:

8) Sexy Dr. Shots–comes complete with syringes you can fill with alcohol. $44.99 at Halloween Express:

hot doctor costume

Or a scummy doctor:

9) Dr. Hardick–other stores sell costumes for Dr. Howie Feltersnatch, Dr. Seymour Bush and other classics. $20.00 at Halloween Mart:

dr hardick

Or you could be a sexy body bag for a sexy coroner to examine:

10) Jane Doe–unidentified corpses are sexy. $30.99 at Halloween Express:

sexy body bagI'm going to go ahead and skip the sexy mental patient or other sexy sick people costumes because those actually are offensive.

I'm warning you now, dressing up like a sexy medical professional does not actually make you qualified to practice medicine. Don't go around telling people to bend over or anything, doctor's orders.