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12 More Raunchy Christmas Ornaments For Adult Christmas Trees

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Ever since we compiled that list of inappropriately sexual Christmas ornaments, we've been obsessively looking for more. This post is a big thank you to the freaky artists who realized what people really want in their holiday decor: snowman on snowman action and reindeer spreading their cheeks.

We found 12 new favorites that kind of put the last group to shame:

1) Mrs. Claus and Santa still got it! Their sex life is as spicy as ever. Adult-Christmas-Ornaments20 2) Love that this angel has a slight bush. Adult-Christmas-Ornaments02 3) This lady snowman is cold enough for a hat, scarf and gloves, but has her snowman nipples out. Not practical! Adult-Christmas-Ornaments19 4) Did someone model for this? 6_410903 5) Cool shades, Santa. Is that a lump of coal in your pocket? 8_410903 6) Santa Claus caught with his pants down. His cheeks are blushing like sugarplums as he hides his sugarplums with his hat.  15_410903 7) This right here is what the holidays are all about: two snowman leather fetishists making love.  slide_266634_1820438_free 8) Is this how reindeer actually bang? If so, this is more educational than raunchy. 7_410903 9) The devil is in the details. butt_410903 10) Honestly, the glitter makes these kind of tacky. slide_266634_1819994_free 11) A disembodied titty is like the eye of a giant squid. nipple_41090312) These two were really craving each other. Santa didn't even have time to take his pants off. Adult-Christmas-Ornaments10

If you know where any of these items can be purchased, please let me know right away.