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Sex, Wine And Chocolate: 3 Things You Should Give Yourself For Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re single, taken or straddling the in-betweens and “What are we?”‘s of millennial dating, Valentine’s Day is a time to treat yourself. You need to show you that you really value you. I mean, if you don’t, why should someone else?

While there are many things you could (and should) gift yourself for Valentine’s Day — like a romp through a puppy-filled field, a pair of exquisitely expensive boots, and a dream vacation for your and your best girlfriends — we know not everyone has the budget for that. So here are 3 items, on a tiered pay scale, that you can afford, even if it means splurging a little.


Sex  Wine And Chocolate  3 Things You Should Give Yourself For Valentine s Day chocolate 640x251 jpegYou probably already knew this, but, YES, you should let yourself eat cake — and chocolate. And not the drugstore kind, either. Instead, treat yourself to something rich and delicious. GODIVA’s Milk and Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are just $42 a box. Want a cheaper option? This heart-shaped box full of chocolate will cost you just $15.


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You could run to your nearest wine store’s $10 and under section and get yourself some cheap, watered down wine to enjoy that will inevitably give you a hangover the next day. But instead of feeling like death on Valentine’s Day, here’s a better option: go with Mark West Black Pinot NoirThe pleasing mix of black cherry, cola, strawberry, plum and soft tannins pairs well with juicy cheeseburgers and grilled salmon alike, making it a great go-to wine for whatever food you crave on ‘Treat Yo-self Day.’ And at roughly $15-17 a bottle, it’s affordable for just about any budget.



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Asking, “Should I splurge on a vibrator?” is a silly question. Yes, yes, YES — you should. While there are a ton of options out there, there’s two I recommend, depending on your preference. The Womanizer Pro, $190, is a classy sex toy that features the world’s only PleasureAir stimulator. The revolutionary intimate product is great for solo sessions and dates with your partner alike, plus it’s small enough to store away in your room when your parents visit. Wink, wink.

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For those in long distance relationships this Valentine’s Day, I strongly recommend the We-Vibe Nova. Not only is a Nova a dual stimulator with an innovative design that ensures unique, powerful clitoral stimulation, it also has an app that enables couples to pleasure one another from anywhere, which is pretty freakin’ awesome. The We-Connect app allows you to use your smartphone’s touch screen to control vibrations, build intensity, and tease and please with custom vibes. The best part? The Nova will only set you back $149, which is a small price to pay for orgasmic bliss.