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16 Bizarre AF Sex Toys and Products You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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Everyone has their kinks when it comes to sex (well, almost everyone). Whether that involves spanking, handcuffs or playing an adult baby, hey — that's your business. To each their own. But when it comes to fulfilling those sexual fantasies, lots of people prefer to add something a little extra to spice things up. And *apparently*, nothing does the job quite like these unconventional sex toys.

It's like the creators of these products have literally brainstormed every possible fantasy that people can think of, regardless of how over-the-top or bizarre it might be. For instance, have you ever heard of Kaylani's Foot Fetish? It’s literally a petite female foot with a vagina at the base of its heel and, according to Amazon, it’s “soft, supple and incredibly life-like” with “delicious long slender toes.” Now, having a foot fetish is one thing. But, having a penetrable foot-shaped vagina? That's just insane.

You're probably cringing at the thought of a guy masturbating with a rubber foot (so sorry to put that image into your head), but that's nothing compared to the other weird sex toys we've discovered. From dildo gas masks to electro sex gloves, these sex toys will make you gasp at the fact that they actually exist.

1. Vladimir Putin Butt Plug


Fernando Sosa, the graphic designer who made it, explained that this was a direct response to the Russian leader's anti-gay policies.

“I wanted to make a voodoo-like doll of him so people could do whatever they wanted to Mr. Putin in the privacy of their own home. However, what a better way to attack Mr. Putin’s shirtless bear-wrestling reputation? Make him into the shape of a butt plug,” he said. … OK.