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Sex Toys – A Multipurpose Tool

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I know at least one of you, have been waiting for me to write about this topic for a very long time. Well the time has come !

Lately I have been thinking about pain management. Anything in pill form hasn't really been helping me- and so I have been looking for other ideas, on how to feel a little better. Now before I start – I have not tried anything (of this variety)- so if you have suggestions, (and I know that some of you do) please feel free to leave a comment, and I will take them seriously.

This morning I came across an article on Slate. The article was about the medical uses of sex toys (in particular, vibrators and dildos). Here are some of the things that I learned.

  • sex toys are good for strengthening muscles
  • dildos can be used for massage and the draining of fluid in cases of prostrate disorders
  • sex toys can help women recover quickly from certain surgeries – as it will increase blood flow
  • improve sexual function for people with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis – as well as for people who are taking medications for a heart condition or depression
  • women who are experiencing hormonal changes can find that using a sex aide may help with arousal
  • vibrators were originally used as tools to treat female hysteria and other pelvic troubles

The article (which is really about how the state of Alabama has a ban on the sale of sex toys – with the exception of medical use) did not really mention how vibrators can help with easing arthritis or fibromyalgia pain….or pain resulting from other sources (such as the one I am experiencing now). I can only imagine, that this would be an alternative – and probably safer way to manage pain, then a palmful of pills. What this article did do – is redefine the meaning of pleasure, for me. Pleasure can also be derived from an absence of pain.

If you want to know more, please go here.

Special thanks to Sylvia, for introducing this topic to me, many months ago. Sorry it took me so long to get around to writing about it.

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