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9 Reasons Why Having Sex Is Actually Good For You

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9 Reasons Why Having Sex Is Actually Good For You sex is good for you 640x506 jpgWe have good news for fornicators: Sex is good for you. Enjoying sex might send you straight to the pits of hell and be the work of the devil, but that doesn’t mean that intercourse isn’t a healthy activity.

Thank goodness for The Daily Mirror and other online listicles–without them, I would still be under the impression that sexual intercourse is basically a death wish. Apparently, not only will schtupping not cause instantaneous painful death, but it even has some health benefits. Who’d have thought?

9 Reasons why having sex is good for you (Keep in mind that due to the shakiness of the sources, you should take all of these reasons with a grain of erotically scented bath salt):

  1. Sex is anti-aging. According to Dr David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, older people who engage in regular loving intercourse look five-to-seven years younger than their actual age. When does this start kicking in? I don’t want to look 17 again!
  2. Good for fitness. Sex burns calories and can count as cardio. This is the perfect reason to not be a lazy lover. Get on top for once, gosh.
  3. Lowers cancer risk (for men). You don’t ever want to picture your father or grandfather doing the dirty, but deep down you should hope his sex life is healthy. In older men, a healthy sex life can lead to a healthier prostate. A small sample study from Nottingham University suggests that men in their 50s who ejaculate more than 10 times a month are at lower risk for prostate cancer. Get it, Grandpas!
  4. It’s a potential headache cure. Next time you try to use a headache to get out of sex, think twice. Use your painful migraine to get in the mood for sex which might be the headache-panacea. You see, orgasms increase blood flow to your brain and potentially reduce headaches.
  5. Mood booster. A psychology professor called Stuart Brody from the University of West Scotland believes that women are less depressed when they absorb hormones from semen, he and his team also found that sex is a natural stress reliever. They “studied a group of German adults and found that those who had sex at least once in two weeks were better able to manage the stress of public speaking and recorded lower blood pressure in response to stressful situations.” When you’re feeling anxious, turn that nervous tension into sexual tension.
  6. Raises self-esteem. Apparently a University of Texas survey showed that regular sex-havers felt better about their bodies than the celibate did. In your dumb faces, slut-shamers-who-try-to-make-sexually-women-feel-like-fuck-bags.
  7. Prevents heart attack. Research out of Belfast implies that thrice weekly sex splits risk of heart attack or stroke in half and research out of Israel found that women who had two orgasms a week were 30% less likely to have heart disease than women who didn’t orgasm from sex. Here’s the thing about hearts and sex: when I was a little girl, I thought hard-ons were actually heart-ons because I was an idiot.
  8. Boosts daily potential. If you indulge in some morning sex, you’re setting yourself up to wake up on the right side of the bed. Per The Mirror “UNAMED DOCTOR* found that adults who made love first thing in the morning enjoyed a mood boost that carried right through until night time.” If you’re anything like me or Garfield the cat, you should be having sex on Monday mornings.

Go forth and fornicate; it’s good for your health. Be fruitful and wear condoms.

*Edited per the twitter request of the doctor previously mentioned.

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