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Sex Ed: Middle-Aged Swingers At Risk For STDs

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Sex-Ed class was a magical time in our lives: Awkward stories about periods, terrifying videos of babies being born, and, of course, disgusting pictures of sexually transmitted diseases. We’d say that most teenagers are thoroughly freaked after taking that course, and probably try their best to avoid getting any of the dreaded STDs.

But what about the 45 and over crowd? Not necessarily the group you’d think were at risk for STDs, but “swingers” in this age bracket actually are at a high risk for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Yep – middle-aged swingers. According to CNN, Researchers are saying that couples over 45 practicing group sex and partner-swapping weren’t as well-educated about STDs back in the 1960s or earlier, when they should have been learning about safe sex. As a result, they don’t practice safe sex as regularly, or get screenings to detect infection.

So, a word to all you middle-aged key-party-attendees: Swing on over to the doc, get tested, and read about safe sex online. Then act out scenes from Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm to your heart’s content.

via CNN