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Sexiest Way To Get Smarter This Weekend

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A recent study found the hormone dopamine can improve long-term memory. And you know what boosts dopamine? Sex. Especially kinky sex.

The study, led by German nenuroscientist Emrah Düzel, looked at the effect of increased dopamine on older adults' ability to recall a series of photos. Six hours after being given an amino acid that triggers dopamine production, participants were able to recall 20% more images from the photo series than those who were given a placebo.

In the study, subjects took Levodopa, a pill containing the amino acids that work as a dopamine precursor, but Prevention Magazine was thoughtful enough to point out that there are a bunch of natural ways to trigger the release of this brain chemical. Like sex. Especially weird, rough, unpredictable sex. Here's Prevention:

Try a new sex position Doing something exciting and unpredictable triggers the release of dopamine. Try one of these mind-blowing sex positions to catalyze a dopamine surge.

I don't recommend clicking that sex positions link.

Anyway, even if you have sex that's really boring and totally predictable, you could still reap dopamine's benefit. Risk taking is one way to boost dopamine production, but so is sex plain and simple (and so are drinking water, achieving goals and eating, especially fatty or high-calorie foods). Boost your memory in the safest way possible by screwing wildly and staying hydrated.