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Body Positive Victory: ‘Top Model’ Wins Lawsuit After Being Told ‘Nice Face But Fat Ass’

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When are these modeling agencies going to learn? Ananda Marchildon, a winner of Holland's Next Top Model has won a lawsuit against Elite Model Management after she was fired for being too fat with hips that were a full two centimeters larger than the agency wanted. Apparently, she didn't lose enough weight, and was not up to their unrealistic, body-negative modeling standards.

Now 25, Marchildon won the show in 2008 and was entitled to a three-year contract worth $98,500. Apparently, though, the model did not live up to her agency's demands when her hips were 36 inches–not 35 1/2 inches. On a 6-foot woman, which she is, one-half inch is especially a miniscule amount. On any woman, really. But, nevertheless, the Daily Beast reported that Elite said she “had a nice face but a fat ass”.

If this type of message doesn't set young women up for eating disorders, I don't know what does.

Thankfully, the Amsterdam District Court ruled in favor of Marchildon yesterday, saying she won the show and was entitled to the prize.

We are also thankful that Marchildon is using this experience as an opportunity to spread a body-positive message:

I'm proud to be able to show that just because a modeling agency wants that, it doesn't mean that if you have a bigger size you're done for. You're still a person and you can be as beautiful as you want and it doesn't come down to centimeters, it's how you are and how you portray yourself.

When is the fashion industry going to learn that they are sending out dangerous messages that can only set more women up for negative body images and eating disorders? Continuing to force models to lose unhealthy amounts of weight and undergo harmful diets is just irresponsible.

We wish more models would reject these agencies and their ridiculous standards and adopt Marchildon's healthy attitude:

I'm proud to be a good role model, that's how I see it, for young girls. If you can't be a model for high fashion, you're still beautiful.


Photo: grazia.ninmsn.com.au