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Set Up A Candy Bar At Your Next Party

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Candy bars are very popular at parties and weddings these days. You can let your guests fill their own small box or bag with a candy mixture from a display of yummy looking candy. The candy makes a great party favor to say thank you for coming.

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What do you need to set up your own candy bar? You'll need some candy of course, bulk candy works best. You'll also need some glass containers. You can dress up the containers with a bow or wrap them with fabric to add some color.

Don't forget a small scoop in each candy container so guests can scoop the candy into their favor bag or box, and small printed labels can let your guests know what type of candy they're scooping.

What candies work well for a candy bar? Chocolates are wonderful, but so are jelly beans, M &  M's, gumballs, gummy candies, licorice sticks, lemon drops, or your favorite candy.

You can also include small cookies, or wrapped candy bars custom printed with your party information.

A candy bar makes a colorful display, and can be included as part of your decorations if done correctly, while providing your guests a little something to remember your party.

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