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Parents of high school seniors are probably noticing a change in their child’s behavior as graduation nears. It affects many at this time of year, especially if they have completed the college search process and been accepted. This behavior is called “senioritis” for lack of a better term. If you would like to learn more about this condition you might want to tune into NPR’s Talk of the Nation on Wed April 27 – host Neil Conan is devoting one of the hour long segments to this topic. You might want to listen in for tips on keeping your senior on track and motivated as their high school career comes to a close.

You can find your local station from the National Public Radio website to find the time they carry this program. If your local station does not carry the program you can find another station that carries the program (many broadcast over the web also). If all else fails the programs are archived on the TON website by the day after the broadcast.

It is an important topic for teens and their parents as serious cases of senioritis can ruin or detour future plans.