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Selma Blair Called Too Skinny By Publications That Promote Being Skinny

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**EXCLUSIVE** Actress Selma Blair shows off a curious hairstyle as she runs errands in Los Angeles

This photo is not the photo written about on FitPerez

I shouldn't be surprised at this, coming from the Perez Hilton family of websites (long known for their needlessly cruel critiques of celebrities and culture, even after Perez Hilton himself supposedly adopted a “kinder and gentler” approach) but I want to call out FitPerez for their tacky, rude and mean recent post criticizing Selma Blair. Here's what the site dedicated to “fitness, health and wellness” wrote about Selma Blair's body:

On Sunday, the Anger Management actress hit up Laurel Canyon in El Lay with her son Arthur for some exercise, and as soon as she started jogging, she put her sunken chest on display.

It's clear that heartbreak has taken a toll on Miz Blair's body because she has lost a significant amount of weight. Hopefully she starts getting better soon because when bones begin to POP OUT, that's when you know you're frail.

Selma, please eat something, you're starting to worry us!


Really, FitPerez? It's not like Perez Hilton and his sites have ever been known for being fair, levelheaded, or kind, but this is just ridiculous. Speculating (in a very thinly-veiled manner) that Selma has an eating disorder? Snarking her when she's out with her son? Saying “please eat something?” Come on. As an actress, a mother and someone who has apparently just gone through a breakup with the father of her child (this is what FitPerez attributes to why she looks thin), I'm sure Selma has enough to occupy her without skeevy websites policing her body.

Sadly, FitPerez isn't the only one; The Daily Mail published a story yesterday with the headline “Shockingly thin Selma Blair displays her skeletal figure as she takes son Arthur to the park.”  Women in the public eye just can't win, can they? They're not allowed to gain weight (remember Lady Gaga?) but they're also not allowed to be too thin (as Kate Middleton is constantly accused of being). Selma Blair's weight is not up for discussion; as I continue to write over and over again here on Blisstree, the bodies of public figures are not ours to police, dissect and criticize.

There's a way to cover health and fitness issues related to celebrities without resorting to pieces that contain lines like “homegirl is NOT doing well” and judgmental, obviously fake concern about the state of Selma Blair's health. Here at Blisstree, we often write about celebrities' weight, diets and workout routines, but we strive to do it in a way that's respectful, careful and considerate. I doubt very much that whoever writes FitPerez (I can't find any sort of byline on the site) cares at all for Selma Blair's health or wellbeing. And until the media and the public stops their superficial, misogynistic “concern” trolling, I'll continue to call them out for it.

Photo: Sam Sharma, PacificCoastNews.com