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See You At Eye On DNA

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Dear Readers,

This is my last post at GeneticsAndHealth.com. As I hinted at last week, I’m considering career options and have decided it’s time to focus on genetics, and genetics alone. I’m sure you would agree there is no better time to become fully immersed in the genome revolution.

Today is also my last day as a part of b5media.com where I served as writer and Science and Health Channel Editor over the past 18 months. There are no better people anywhere to work with. I have learned so much from my time with b5media, knowledge that I would never have gained anywhere else.

Thank you also to every single one of you who has visited Genetics and Health over the past two years. I hope you will join me at at my new blog – Eye On DNA, where I plan to continue documenting the genome revolution. You can subscribe to Eye on DNA using this RSS feed and I’d be very grateful if you’d add EyeOnDNA.com to your blogroll!

If you’re interested in working for b5media and perhaps writing Genetics and Health yourself, please fill in this application form.

See you at Eye on DNA!