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How to Cook Seaweed And Sea Vegetables

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Nori crisps - seaweed chips

Are you as confused by seaweed as I am? I know that it's hella good for you. I like it when it shows up in my miso soup or wrapped around my sushi. But as far as incorporating seaweeds into my cooking repertoire or distinguishing between different types, I'm hopeless. So cheers to Vibrant Wellness Journal for this handy cooking with seaweed guide!

“The greens of the sea can be an incredibly healthful addition to your diet,” writes VWJ's Andrea Bertoli.

Seaweeds are loaded with naturally occuring minerals, iodine, fiber, calcium, and iron, and there are so many varieties to choose from that you will likely find many favorites!

Some of the most common or popular sea vegetables for culinary purposes are arame, dulse, hijiki, kombu (a type of kelp), nori and wakame. Nori is most familiar in the United States, as it's the type used in sushi rolls. [Nori also makes great chips.]

For more on the different varieties of seaweed and how to use them, see VWJ's sea vegetable primer. Wanna see how versatile these see veggies can be? Click through for a dozen arame, dulse, hijiki, kombu, nori and wakame seaweed recipes.