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If You Like Sushi, You’ll Love This Beer Brewed With Seaweed

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Sea Belt Beer Brewed with SeaweedIf you can't resist a good salmon spring roll, you'll never be able to resist this craft beer—because it's brewed with seaweed.

Yep, that green stuff from the ocean.

Sure, more and more craft breweries have been pushing the limits, using new and exotic ingredients in their concoctions—think beer infused with bacon and/or doughnuts (wait, we have to try those). But Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. is going the saltier route, infusing beer their beer with the seawater specialty.

This isn't the first time this Belfast, Maine brewery is getting a little wonky. They already have a stout with locally-sourced oysters, and a wheat-infused kolsch with jalapeno and habanero peppers.

And when the brewing company's owner, David Carlson discovered a beer hailing from Scotland made with seaweed—appropriately named Kelpie—he got a crazy idea: To put Maine's seaweed in his brewery's beer!

Though few breweries have tried this feat, Carlson has been working with aquaculture specialists and scientists to make sure he can provide a quality product by farming it on sea farms.

Carlson explained that if farmed properly, seaweed could benefit more products than just beer: like fertilizer, food ingredients, and nutritional supplements.

“We know that if we can figure out how to farm it on sea farms, then we'll be able to provide more of a sustainable source of seaweeds, for exciting new products in Maine and to drive new innovation.”

About 6-lbs of dried kelp (the equivalent of 60-lbs of wet seaweed) go into a 200-gallon batch of Carlson's scotch ale, Sea Belt.

And while that may sound like a lot, upon his first taste, the founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (who knows his beer!) gave it the thumbs up!

The beer is apparently more malty than hoppy—essentially a salty, scotch ale.

This may sound all well and good, but I'm still thinking about the ocean water I swallowed last summer (which wasn't pleasant, to say the lease). While I'm not knocking the beer, cause I haven't tried, I'm skeptical about tasting a salty brew.

However, stranger things have happened! Like lobster ice cream, any Real Housewives show's success, and Rebecca Black signing a record deal. So who's to say it won't be a success?

Not I! If you're in Maine this summer, check it out—and report back!

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