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How To Workout Without Getting Off Of Your Butt

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seated exerciseSometimes you want to workout a little bit, but standing up seems like kind of a hassle. Maybe you're at work and want to sneakily exercise, maybe have a leg injury or maybe you're just lazy–it really doesn't matter. You don't have to explain yourself to me and you definitely don't have to get off your caboose. Pull up a chair and stay awhile. Let's burn some calories while sitting on our butts.

All you need to do the following exercises is a chair without wheels, a good attitude and your butt, of course:

The Running Man- This is like running in place, but you get to sit while you do it. Sit with your legs extended and your arms bent by your sides like you're doing an impression of someone on a jog. You should hinge backward and just have your shoulder blades touch the back of your chair, lifting your legs lightly out front. Raise your left knee to your chest while leaning forward bringing your right elbow toward that knee. Switch sides. Do 30 alternating reps.

Easy Peasy Booty Squeezies- Sit all ladylike at the edge of your seat: knees together, feet together and flat on the floor. Put your hands just outside your hips and bent your elbows a little bit. Now all at once, clench your booty, squeeze your knees together and extend your elbows without lifting your butt off the chair. Do this 30 times.

Lazy Raises- Sit upright in that ladylike pose again (excellent posture is good for you) and raise your knees slowly toward your chest. Don't use your hands for leverage, use your abs to pull your legs up. When I was in college, I saw a video of Jack LaLanne doing this and was inspired to fit mini workouts in whenever I could!

Lazy Jacks- These are like jumping jacks only you don't have to jump. Sit upright with your knees together and your feet perched on your toes. Have your arms bent by your sides, palms facing forward like you're going to do jazz hands. Then, kick your legs out and land on your heels while extending your arms upward as if you are raising the roof. It should look a little something like this. Repeat 30 times. Pick up the speed if you want to work a little harder.

Bicep Curls- Just like the ones you do at the gym, only you're at work or at home. If you don't have a little dumbbell, use a water bottle or can of soup. Arm exercises are pretty easy to do while you read the internet.

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