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Seafood From China

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The children are missing their fried fish, but for now, I am playing it safe. I haven’t bought seafood from any of our Asian markets here for the past three weeks, and the ones I have are clearly marked “harvested in US waters”. It’s getting mighty sad, this current state of affairs. Our family has made great strides in our diet by making sure we eat more fish than we do meat, especially in the past year. I’ve also been careful in buying farm-raised salmon only once in a while, and larger fish in general, because of mercury concerns. My local fish guy insists I shouldn’t go crazy following all these precautions but when you’ve got a family that has allergies and other health concerns, you tend to be more careful than most.

So what CAN you buy? An article I wrote last year has more information, including links to guides that you can bring with you when food shopping.

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