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Schwarzenegger’s proposed state park cuts

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Since I moved away from California, I pay less attention to news there, however, a piece in the SFGate recently caught my eye.

state parks in CA to close

According to the piece, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's newly proposed budget cuts may close down nearly all Bay Area state parks. Parks that may be spared include Albany State Marine Reserve, Emeryville Crescent State Marine Reserve, Lake Del Valle State Recreation Area, Pacifica State Beach and San Bruno Mountain State Park but all other state parks within the Bay Area's nine counties would be closed.

Obviously this impacts more than just the Bay Area. The whole of California will be affected and the scary deal is that when California comes up with ideas, other states tend to jump on the bandwagon (I hope not, but…). Park closures will affect tourism and businesses. Also, because enforcement would be nearly impossible, you run into other issues like people trashing the parks with garbage, lighting fires, and drowning with no supplied lifeguards on duty. With budget cuts that get rid of 1,500 to 2,000 maintenance workers, park superintendents, rangers, and more the parks could see some real damage.

Beyond even the issues above, I'm wondering if Schwarzenegger's heard that green spaces equal health? What costs more; providing more health care for California residents or keeping the green spaces? Seriously now?

While this is still just a preliminary threat, the SFGate notes that “Park advocacy groups on Friday were already girding for a fight in the lead-up to the start of the fiscal year July 1.” Also as of Friday afternoon the California State Parks Foundation's Facebook site had already gained more than 2,100 fans.

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