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Burger King’s Meat Monster Is Scary, But You Should Watch Out For “Healthy” Fast Food, Too

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Burger King s Meat Monster Is Scary  But You Should Watch Out For  Healthy  Fast Food  Too 8ac6bd544e4a9ae78f4a44823ebd 490x421 jpgIt was announced this week that Burger King is trying to kill off the remaining population of Japan with their latest Frankenburger creation, the “Meat Monster Whopper.” Tipping the scales at 1,160 calories, 69 grams of fat, 24 grams of sat fat, 2,300 milligrams of sodium, and 1.5 grams of trans fat, the Meat Monster is currently available only in Japan. It would make more sense to me if  this was a by-product of the recent nuclear-reactor meltdown than the brainchild of some Burger King exec.

This monstrosity takes a regular Whopper, and crams another meat patty, a chicken patty, two cheese slices and three bacon strips between the buns. Mmmmm, can you taste the heart disease and stroke? Or is that the coronary embolism I’m tasting mingled with a dash of Type II Diabetes? Seriously, Burger King, why do you hate Japan so much?

The Meat Monster Whopper is unlikely to hit North American Burger King outlets, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had to endure the McObesity sandwiches in our time. Remember late last year when KFC released it’s Double Down sandwich? Or a few months ago when Taco Bell was embroiled in a law suit over the low meat content of their “meat”? Just recently Taco Bell announced it will try making it’s taco shells from Doritos. These food-stunts get a lot of attention in our nutrition-conscious society because we’re always looking for healthier options at our favorite fast food joints. But fast food chains are simultaneously releasing healthier food options for weight conscious customers. And it’s those menu options that are sometimes more confusing. Everyone looking to eat healthy can avoid the Meat Monster, but let’s take a look at some lighter fast food options to see if they measure up.

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